ESG Ratings - Interview with Martin Raab

Martin Raab from GGX talks about ESG ratings and ESG data, which have become essential in sustainable finance. The focus is also on the unique approach of the Global Green Xchange.

Everyone talks about ESG Ratings. But what is an ESG Rating actually?

For me as an investor, why do I need an ESG Rating?

This means for me as an investor: I see 3 different ratings for example and for me then it’s kind of a black box to know what is in there, what is rated, how is the percentage of the E, S and G and so on. What does GGX differently?

When we go to the basis of an ESG Rating, which is the data. How do you collect your data?

You mention now right data. Is there any issue with the accuracy of ESG data?

We talked about these 15 points – the Pure Play. But what does it mean if a company is not providing the data? What happens then?

Do you also reach out to the companies and ask for the data?

For me as a company, is it possible that I actually pay for the GGX ESG Rating?

For me as an investor, if I want to see the GGX Rating of certain companies, do I pay for it?

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CMO / Head of Communication & Partnerships der Global Green Xchange AG