"Greenwashing": Cleaning out the Green Wash Program

Sustainability, organic and socially responsible are considered attributes with which many companies now adorn themselves. But much of it is more of a deception, known as "greenwashing" in the jargon. How do I recognize greenwashing, what are the controversial examples, and why should you pay close attention to small print?

Martin Raab and Mauro Baumann

What is greenwashing?

How do companies do it?

Some practical examples of "greenwashing":

What can we do about it collectively?

Active Ownership also possible as a consumer

About the author

Martin Raab is a long-time investment professional, book author, and member of the Board of Directors of Global Green Xchange. He manages the ESG Ratings & ESG Data division. As one of the authors of the newsletter "Green Money" and of ESG Insights, he regularly analyzes and reports on various topics related to sustainability and capital markets.