Save water - 7 simple tips for everyday life

Does saving water in this country make any sense at all? Yes, because if you save water, you also save energy and money. We show you seven tips on how to save water effectively in everyday life.

Tip 1: Take a shower instead of a bath

Tip 2: Rinse instead of washing up

Tip 3: Buy efficient appliances

Tip 4: Wash food in bowls

Tip 5: Use flush stop

Tip 6: Use mixing nozzles

Tip 7: Fill up the washing machine

About the author

Lukas Rüttimann is a journalist, copywriter and storyteller. He has worked for numerous Swiss newspapers and magazines, in various capacities from reporter to editor-in-chief. As a freelancer, he covers a broad spectrum, with sustainable, social, cultural and economic topics particularly close to his heart. Lukas Rüttimann has lived in the USA, among other places, but now lives and works from Zurich.