Effective insight into the ESG behaviour of companies

Those who manage their portfolio based on sustainability criteria should ideally use the ESG behaviour of the companies as an investment criterion on the basis of clearly interpretable data. GGX is characterised by first-class quality, high service levels and a fair, needs-based pricing model.

In the ever-changing world, it is no longer possible to imagine life without data. In the evaluation of companies with regard to attractive investments, it is no longer only conventional financial data that counts, and ESG data is increasingly gaining in value and importance. However, not all data is the same - we are breaking new ground in collection and quality assurance.

What are the advantages of GGX ESG data?

Highest quality industry standards

We have every single data point that a company reports, focusing on the most relevant factors.

Highly efficient data acquisition

We acquire new data on a weekly basis and continuously add to our universe in collaboration with our clients.


We are free from conflicts of interest and own the complete value chain of ESG data and ratings.

Fair pricing

We quote fair and reasonable prices with regard to our professionally competent work. Democratisation instead of record high data fees for ESG data and ESG ratings.

High scalability

Benefit from infinite possibilities in the usability of ESG data for your investment solutions.


We are also happy to respond to customer-specific requests regarding data points or investment universes.

What is ESG data needed for?

ESG data is a direct quantitative assessment that indicates how forward-thinking a company is in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG). In addition to basic qualitative aspects such as the business model, corporate philosophy or product portfolio, ESG data is the most important point of reference for sustainability analysis. Due to regulations on the part of legislators to curb climate change or to ensure equality in the social structure of a company, companies are forced in their operative business to deal efficiently with these requirements or even to make them to their benefit. Those who continuously reduce their CO2 emissions and keep them low often also have a considerable economic advantage.

GGX uses its own ESG raw data as the basis for the GGX ESG Rating.

Humans (HI) instead of machines (AI)

High precision is required when collecting ESG raw data. Artificial intelligence (AI) and computerised algorithms are often a source of error when automatically tapping ESG raw data from various digital sources. Since GGX is committed to quality and perfection without exception, we rely on professionals instead of robots. Moreover, the current commercial environment has too many flaws and is also very poorly priced, often drastically overpriced. This excludes many asset managers and other professional users from accessing ESG data.

Those who have studied the topic intensively know that in some cases data points from companies are not provided in the reports. In this scenario, we contact the respective company and thus have 100% certainty that we have every available data point in our universe and can offer our clients the highest industry standards.

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