Andreas Schacke

Senior IT Developer

Computers and all digital things have inspired Andreas from an early age, so that the choice of the course of studies was clearly predetermined in the mid-90s. In 2001, Andreas successfully completed his studies in Business Informatics (UZH) and, as a developer and project manager at inexsys AG, was responsible for software for Automated Investment Advisory—a segment that was to dominate the financial world 10 years later known as “Robo-Advisory”. Subsequently, he was responsible for programming and architecture in the area of Securities Lending & Collateral Management (IFBS, Sungard, FIS). For three years Andreas, as a passionate full-stack developer, then improved software performance through targeted redevelopment and optimized architecture of a well-known Swiss web search engine for telephone directory data.

Every contribution to sustainability in today's world sets an example for our children and is a long-term investment in the future of the next generations.

Andi Schacke

Together with his long-time colleague Stefan Lüchinger, Andreas founded a boutique for sophisticated IT projects and coding in 2014. The company quickly made a name for itself and began to flourish. Among other things, Andreas was the technical lead for the redevelopment of a well-known news platform (TX Group), where software had to be efficiently “modernized” on a large scale. After three years the project was successfully completed with the final go-live. In addition to his IT development work for GGX, Andreas is responsible for the development and operation of a pricing platform in the area of structured products.

To compensate for sophisticated coding and database programming, Andreas regularly goes on excursions with his family or rides his racing bike. Occasionally, he is also the sound engineer for the “jamming” of the three children.

5 Questions for Andreas Schacke

Which areas do you cover at GGX?

I am responsible for the technical architecture and development of the GGX software platform and the setup of the infrastructure, together with Stefan Lüchinger.

What were your ESG moments?

I get emotionally stirred up every time I see aerial photos comparing the past with the present, for example regarding explosive growth of big cities, deforestation of rainforests, glacier melting, disappearance of entire lakes. There should also be a rethinking of the supply chain: I always find it frightening how cheaply and poorly quality goods are produced nowadays, nothing is sustainable anymore. Things that you used to be able to use for years without any problems now break after only a short time of use.

Where do you see the most potential for a more sustainable world?

The whole “consumerism” and the associated focus on the lowest possible prices are for me two of the main drivers for the wasteful consumption of resources. This is where every individual can make a contribution and review their attitude in terms of consumption and throwaway behavior.

What bothers you most in the ESG discussion?

What bothers me most are the often-heard statements à la “It is of no use if I change something as an individual”. That is exactly where the thinking error lies! Everybody can change something. Preferably today.

What do you do in everyday life for more sustainability?

We buy seasonally and as locally as possible. Whenever possible, I avoid food waste. Conscious consumerism, even in front of the children, is very important. The motto is “lead by example” instead of “read aloud”. When it comes to transportation, I get on my bike for short trips and take public transportation. We have always not been excessive vacation flyers and I don't eat pineapples.