Harald Schnabel

Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Index Committee

Harry started with a classical banking apprenticeship at Südwestbank AG in the early 80s and quickly got a taste of “stock market air” as a commission trader at the institution. He then worked for Deutsche Bank as an equity trader. After a short time he joined the brokerage house Hans-Peter Bruker. Harry became the last State authorized broker at the Baden-Württemberg Securities Exchange for derivatives and was involved in the introduction of the best-price and best-size principle in Germany.

As a diver, I believe the greatest leverage in protecting our planet, is saving our oceans.

Harald Schnabel

As a company shareholder, he was a leader in transparency and fairness in warrant trading for and with private investors. In 1999, Harry was again directly involved in setting the course in the German-speaking securities market: He initiated the establishment of the EUWAX (European Warrant Exchange) market segment-one of the most successful exchange segments in Europe to date.

As CEO of EUWAX Broker AG in Stuttgart, Harry was the key architect of the IPO of a securities company in the D-A-CH region and mastermind of the market leadership for securitized derivatives in Germany and Europe. Starting as CEO of EUWAX AG, Harry was founder of the Swiss subsidiary Tradejet AG. Finally, Harry was active in the international stock exchange environment in a variety of ways until the end of 2007, including the founding of Börse Stuttgart Holding GmbH. Since this time Harry has also been intensively involved in alternative investments, primarily for personal asset management. He is particularly fascinated by project financing for renewable energies and sustainable, energy-efficient construction.

After a sabbatical and four years of consulting mandates in the European financial industry, he took on the mission of reviving today's BX Swiss (formerly known as the Bern Stock Exchange) from its “slumber” on behalf of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange in 2018. As such, he served as CEO of BX Swiss until January 2020, during which time he launched various new segments and cross-institutional initiatives.

In his free time, Harry is often diving with his family or travels across Switzerland on his e-bike. As a passionate gourmet chef, he conjures up first-class culinary delights on his guests' plates-with a handpicked selection of wines. Harry has been socially committed for many years and is active as a benefactor of direct aid.

5 Questions for Harald Schnabel

Which areas do you cover at GGX?

I am responsible for the central corporate strategy as well as relationship management, thus connecting the right dots. I also play an active role in the expansion of our company.

What were your ESG moments?

Three years ago, we were on vacation in Vietnam with our family. There I suddenly became aware of the problems of a non-functioning circular economy: streets, house entrances and large parts of the landscape are simply flooded with plastic waste. Unfortunately, recycling is completely non-existent in parts of Asia, with fatal consequences for the sea, the animal world and the entire human race.

Where do you see the most potential for a more sustainable world?

As a diver, I believe the greatest leverage is in the protection of global waters - ocean, lakes and rivers. That's where you can start to change the world in a very concrete way. I'm also a big turtle fan and see them as a symbol of a functioning ecosystem. A rising sea level and the salinization of freshwater areas concerns us all.

What bothers you most in the ESG discussion?

Unfortunately, the ESG topic is drifting more and more in a certain marketing direction. Across industries, “greenwashing” is becoming a problem and requires independent minds that separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff through research and illumination.

What do you do in everyday life for more sustainability?

I deliberately chose a hybrid car so that I could have a say in the sometimes highly undifferentiated mobility debate from a practical perspective. One aspect, among others: How is the e-car's electricity generated? How exactly are vehicle batteries recycled? I am allergic to the topic of food waste. There, my family and I are sensitive to the need to consume with a sense of proportion, even when shopping. I consider studies to be realistic that say that one-third of all manufactured food in the Western world is dumped in the trash. I find that obnoxious! As a passionate amateur chef, I also attach great importance to treating food with respect and producing it sustainably.