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Our ESG Insights cover topics such as sustainable investing, climate change, renewable energy as well as ratings and financial products in a simple and understandable way.

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Pioneering trends

The world is changing

Global challenges such as climate change, increased regulatory pressure, demographic shifts, and data security concerns are the most relevant risks for investors and their portfolios.

Most companies face increasing complexity and direct financial implications if they do not adequately manage their ESG and climate change-related risks. Investors will increasingly allocate their money to sustainability-oriented companies and projects in order to achieve a less volatile, long-term return.

A new generation of investors

Over the next 20 years, the Millennial generation will invest up to USD 40 trillion purely in ESG assets. A growing body of financial scholars expects retail investors to become increasingly discerning about "what" you will invest your money in and what the consequences for the world will be.

In addition, increasing client demand has been one of the main drivers for investment firms to consider more ESG factors for the past three years. Client demand was the most cited reason in North America (+20% vs. 2017) in a recent survey by the global industry body CFA Institute.

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